Yonezawa Diapet Cherica Toyota Celica 1600GT (Made in Japan)

Diapet cherica Toyota Celica

Yonezawa Diapet Cherica diecast cars are not as common as Tomica diecast cars. A mint piece of Diapet Cherica commands around the same price as a vintage made in japan Tomica; sometimes even higher.

Diapet cherica Toyota Celica side 1

This piece of Diapet Cherica Toyota Celica 1600GT as you can see has missing front grille. I bought it at a low price considering it has multiple flaws.

But I still like it for the fact of its scarcity in the diecast world.


Diapet cherica Toyota Celica side 2

The Japan Airlines stickers on the car suggest that the real life version of it might be used as a work-car in the airport and I reckon it to be in the 1970s.


Diapet cherica Toyota Celica base

Sometimes, the base can be the most attractive part of a vintage toy. I do like the beautiful fonts and logo printed on the base of this car.


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