Vintage Tomica Toyota Hilux Bigfoot No. 61 Made in Japan

Tomica Toyota Hilux Bigfoot

I bade farewell recently to this beautiful made in Japan Tomica Toyota Hilux Bigfoot #61. It was sold to a fellow collector who loves vintage vehicles.

As much as I liked this diecast car, I felt that it was time to sell this in order to get funds for other diecast car purchases. Made in Japan Tomica will usually yield a better price than other brands’ vintage diecast. With this sale, I hope to get be able to get 2-3 vintage pieces of other brands.


Tomica Toyota Hilux Bigfoot front back

With its masculine sporty looks, it is a dream vintage car in real life for 4WD enthusiasts.

I don’t think I have ever seen one on Singapore’s roads but have seen at least once on my travels (at a beach if I remember correctly).


Tomica Toyota Hilux Bigfoot back

This diecast piece has really nice details, I especially liked the rear view.


Tomica Toyota Hilux Bigfoot base

The made in Japan quality is evident for this vintage Tomica Toyota Hilux Bigfoot. It is now in the good hands of a better appreciator than myself.


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