Vintage Tomica Nissan Bluebird Taxi #109 Made in Japan

Tomica Nissan Bluebird Taxi Made in Japan

Taxis, we all have taken taxis before. From our childhood to adulthood, we will always remember how those taxis looked back then.

Memories of the manual transmission, heavy vibrations and countless nausea episodes suffered.


Tomica Nissan Bluebird Taxi Front and Back

In the Tomica lineup, taxis have been ever present. Take for example this Tomica red box Nissan Bluebird Taxi #109, it has beautiful and loud livery.

The colours are so bright and can easily be noticed from afar.


Tomica Nissan Bluebird Taxi Base

What I like about old Tomica boxes is that some will show the technical information of the actual car.


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