Vintage Solido Peugeot J7 Minibus (Air Inter) Made in France

Vintage Solido Peugeot J7 Minibus

Minibus is a popular transport option for schools and small cities. The Peugeot J7 is a van produced between mid 1960s till 1980s.

It was made available in different flavours and here I have an example in the form of a minibus, a vintage Solido Peugeot J7 diecast minibus.


Vintage Solido Peugeot J7 Minibus

“Air Inter” was a domestic French airline and has since been merged with Air France.

I love the look and feel of this diecast model as it has such a vintage old-school character that takes you back in time.


Vintage Solido Peugeot J7 Minibus Base

In the scale of 1/50, it does not take up much space in my small Singapore apartment. I hope to find more of this cute minibus for my collection.

As always, my preference for vintage diecast models/brands made in the country of origin takes precedence over the current releases.


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