Vintage Majorette Scania Benne Carriere Dump Truck #205

majorette scania benne carriere

Dump trucks… we must have seem many in our lives.

Living in Singapore, I have never seen one dump truck painted in red colour. So, this Majorette Scania Benne Carriere Dump Truck is something refreshing to me.


majorette scania benne carriere front

I like the vintage Majorette 200 series which showcases the various old school cars, buses and trucks. They are housed individually in a transparent protective plastic that is sealed to a white plastic base.


majorette scania benne carriere back

Which means it is also a problem as I am unable to identify if this piece was made in France or Thailand unless I open it up.

Guess I will keep the suspense going for me until I can find a loose piece or search online to see if someone is kind enough to show me its base.


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