Vintage Majorette Range Rover Rescue Team (Made in France)

Majorette Range Rover Rescue Team

I won this Majorette Range Rover Rescue team diecast in an online auction. It is probably my first sealed  Majorette 300 series.


Majorette Range Rover Rescue Team Top

The thing about vintage majorette diecast being housed in plastic housing like this is that, it is bound to have some form of cracks; especially so at the corners.

Now, when I see massive cracks; I will be tempted to just open the damn thing and set it free. But, somehow I managed to have the mindset to keep it in its original packaging.

As it will remind me of the time when I was young and all I could do was stared at those beautiful toys hanging at the toy shop. I could not afford them but having some of them now and not opening them actually keeps my childhood memories intact.


Majorette Range Rover Rescue Team Price Tag

Now comes the surprise…I bought this in an online auction and the seller was not a Singaporean but somehow the price tag suggests that it was likely bought in Singapore.

Daimaru is a Japanese Departmental stall who once had a presence in Singapore until 2003. So my guess is that this was probably bought here in Singapore and travelled with its first owner back to his/her home country and eventually finding its way back to Singapore again.



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