Vintage Lintoy Porsche 911 (Yellow) Made in Hong Kong

Lintoy Porsche 911

Porsche 911 an iconic car that almost everyone in the street will recognise its shape and unique design.

Today, I share the Porsche 911 diecast car from the Hong Kong Toy maker Lintoy. Lintoy was a diecast toy maker during the 1970s- 1980s. It is more famous for its diecast airplanes which is very evident when you do up a search on ebay.


Lintoy Porsche 911 front back

I have a penchant for their diecast cars which are branded as “linmobile”.  This Lintoy Porsche 911 is styled in a bright yellow colour which makes the paint chips on it look pretty obvious.

Some collectors do not like seeing paint chips on their diecast cars. Well, for me it depends; sometimes I will try to understand that the paint chips could be due to its age and play-wear.

To be able to own a piece of vintage diecast car with its original box is always the number one choice of diecast collectors and that is always my aim in my journey of collecting.


Lintoy Porsche 911 boot

The beautiful sight of the rear is what I really like about this Lintoy Porsche 911.


Lintoy Porsche 911 Base

The first thing that comes to some collectors’ mind is that they often associate Made in Hong Kong diecast as Tomica knockoffs.

Well, knockoffs or not, I do find such brands unique and charming in their own way and they are getting scarce nowadays. I hope to get more of Made in Hong Kong diecast cars to add to my collection.



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