Vintage Lintoy McLaren M8A (Yellow) Made in Hong Kong

Lintoy McLaren M8A

I have this impression that McLaren cars are very scarce and rare as I don’t think I have ever seen them in real life. This 70s vintage Lintoy McLaren M8A in sporty yellow looked exotic to me when I first saw it.


Lintoy McLaren M8A front

I did a bit of googling and found that this car was developed by Bruce McLaren and his motor racing team for the 1968 Canadian-American Challenge Cup  (Can-Am).


Lintoy McLaren M8A back

I think it will look better with some nice race decals.


Lintoy McLaren M8A side

Its shape kind of reminds me of the Porsche 917 Race Car.


Lintoy McLaren M8A base

To me, Lintoy diecast cars have very unique characteristic of its own and I look forward to add more of them to my collection.


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