Vintage Dinky Ford Escort Panda Police Car (Made in England)

Dinky Ford Escort

I really love the old vintage Dinky Toys’ diecast cars, some were made in France and others in England. Nowadays, you can easily find the atlas editions and they are all made in China.


Dinky Ford Escort Side 2

For an old school person like me, I still enjoy the hunt for vintage pieces.

This Ford Escort Panda Police Car gives me the nostalgic feel. The turquoise colour in my opinion exudes elegance which is kind of ironic for a police car.

I will let the rest of the pictures do the talking:


Dinky Ford Escort Side 2

Dinky Ford Escort hood

Dinky Ford Escort trunk

Dinky Ford Escort top

Love the various details on this 1/43 car and I hope to find more of them.


Dinky Ford Escort base

Don’t you love a beautiful and clean base that is so easy to read.

Meccano Limited is the company that produced Dinky Toys between 1934 to 1979 in Liverpool, England.

I do hope collectors will not forget the roots of a particular diecast car brand and strive to procure a piece of history of every diecast car maker.


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