Tomica Limited Subaru 360 (Japan Grand Prix) Bib 9 and 12

Tomica Limited Subaru 360

This pair of Tomica Limited Subaru 360 (Japan Grand Prix) with bib number 9 and 12 respectively looks extremely nostalgic.


Tomica Limited Subaru 360 box

The quality of the discontinued Tomica Limited series diecast cars is unquestionable.

The current Tomica Premium series does not have rubber tires, so this is something that still draws me to the Tomica Limited series via auction sites.


Tomica Limited Subaru 360 pair

Both cars are no. 41 of the Tomica Limited series but they have different bib no. and other subtle differences.

The no. 9 has the red inscription “Estrellita 12 k111” under its rear side window and I have no idea what it means.


Tomica Limited Subaru 360 front

The headlamps are different as well with the positioning of the crosses, there is a “V” on no. 9 hood and a “+”  on no. 12.

The number 12 is oblique where as number 9 is upright.

Cute little cars that will light up any racing event, just like they did in the 1960s.


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