Tomica 3pc Bus Set – Fuji Semi-Decker,Hino Rainbow Skeleton and Mazda Light Buses Made in Japan

Tomica 3pc Bus Set Made in Japan

Japanese Buses always look so handsome and sometimes beautiful to the eye. This Tomica 3pc Bus Set of Fuji Semi-Decker Type Bus, Hino Rainbow Skeleton Bus and Mazda Light Bus were made in Japan.

This 3pc set is a reproduction of the buses which were released in 1970s individually in the Tomica Black Box format. Back then, they had a few variations with different colour schemes and design.


Tomica 3pc Bus Set Made in Japan Box

The images on the box are showing the 1970s version as you can see the Fuji Semi-Decker on the left is showing “Kanko Bus” and not the “Sight Seeing Bus” of my set. (There is also a variation of “Sight Seeing Bus” for the 1970s black box format IIRC)

It is also evident that the Mazda Light Bus wheels are of the old type as shown in the image as compared to the normal wheels of my set.


Tomica 3pc Bus Set Made in Japan Base

The individual base of the buses tells you the Black Box no. that it was released in during the 1970s. Both Fuji Semi-Decker and Hino Rainbow Skeleton Bus are no.41 and Mazda Light Bus is no.46.


Tomica 3pc Bus Set Made in Japan

Of the three, I like the Fuji Semi-Decker the most as it possesses a masculine shape with a unique roof symbol. The hot pink Mazda Light Bus oozes vintage sexiness as well.


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