Mandarin Toys Singapore – Volkswagen Van (Made in Singapore)

Mandarin Toys Volkswagen Van

When it comes to collecting diecast cars, other than the beauty of it; the origin of it is also a big pushing factor for me.

Being able to find a diecast car made in my country of birth is extremely rewarding. But being able to find a defunct diecast brand that originated from Singapore and made in Singapore tops it all!


Mandarin Toys Volkswagen Van front

Not much is known about the history of Mandarin Toys but it likely appeared in early 1970s.

Various models of diecast vehicles were made like cars, buses and trucks. Mandarin Toys also had its line of plane series where airliners and war planes were introduced.

A tank series was also introduced and sold under the brand name Mandico.


Mandarin Toys Volkswagen Van rear

For this particular Volkswagen Van, I have seen different variations of it. For example, ambulance, police van and other shades of colours.

There are different orange hues for this Volkswagen Van, mine is of a much darker hue as compared to the pictures I found on the internet.


Mandarin Toys Volkswagen Van Base

Will we get to see another Singapore diecast maker in the near future? I highly doubt so…


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